In this tension filled world we live in, we need new ways to build lasting bridges that connect us together as all of humanity, more so in the midst of tough adversities as COVID -19. This new pandemic has shown it has no respect for skin colour, gender, wallet size, postcodes…not even how many twitter followers you have! In short, in its eyes we are one, all human. 
That’s why here at the Lunar Foundation we decided to launch our #diversebooks campaign month. This is all about raising funds for incredible books from diverse cultures and backgrounds that can help our young people to connect and bond over. Books that can open people’s minds and help dismantle stereotypes in a way that is helpful, a way that promotes dialogue and mutual respect.
We believe that when children are exposed to diverse stories, they are introduced to a world outside their own. A world where  they not only get to explore and understand the experiences of others but where their personal journeys, experiences and feelings can be validated.
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