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About Us

The Lunar Foundation is a not for profit making organisation that is providing support to parents and young people from diverse backgrounds to have a strong sense of community and belonging. We specialise in community dialogues, workshops, family engagement and education on anti-bias education and racial identity. We equip parents, young people and educators with tools and strategies to talk with children about racial identity, equity and inclusion.


Our Mission

Build a strong community by supporting families from multicultural communities with equitable parent programs, resource sharing, and fostering meaningful connections.

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Our Team

Mini Biti is the founder of The Lunar Foundation, a not for profit making organisation that serves to equip parents, young people and educators with strategies and tools to engage children in cross cultural education, diversity, inclusion and equity.  Mini has over 12 years experience in the welfare sector across the public and private sector with a speciality in child and family well being. Mini has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences (Human Services) from the Queensland University of Technology and a  Graduate Certificate in Journalism from Griffith University. Mini is acutely attuned to the needs of children and young people, particularly those from migrant communities and conscious of the needs of the most vulnerable in the community.

Ways to get involved

Whether you donate your time, skills, knowledge or money, your contribution will be valuable to us. We offer many ways to become involved in what we do. Volunteering and financial donations not only help us, they help you connect with your community and become engaged in a meaningful way.

Here are some areas where you can become involved, and lend us a hand.